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About Us

Fodder to Ponder promotes discussion and understanding surrounding the social factors that impact the attainment of health literacy. By dissecting and summarizing relevant literature in the field, Fodder to Ponder strives to share educational health information that is approachable yet informative and thought-provoking.


With an understanding of the research that people with more education are more likely to learn about health, improving their literacy on issues critical to their wellbeing, Fodder to Ponder also partners with Noble-Ed, a registered 501(c)(3) charitable nonprofit whose mission is to increase access to education by providing schools, chatralayas (student homes), and learning centers locally and abroad with educational resources like laptops and school supplies.


Our mission at Fodder to Ponder is to bring awareness to and contextualize health literacy as a solution to achieving community health. Through clear, approachable messaging, we aim to inspire a generation of committed health advocates.



Komal has a clinical, translational, and basic science research background. She has worked on several research projects, ranging from depression and epilepsy to metabolism and digestive diseases, receiving co-authorship on several high-impact publications. In college, she majored in Neuroscience and minored in Chemistry and Public Policy with a concentration in health. Since working with vulnerable patient populations at a tertiary care hospital after graduating college, Komal has witnessed the positive impact of health literacy on patient health outcomes first-hand. Inspired by her experiences, Komal founded Fodder to Ponder to challenge herself and others to stay educated, curious, and informed about important topics in health.

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